Social media workshops

We love social media, and we love sharing our passion with people, particularly in rural communities. Social media has so much potential to help rural communities bridge the consumer-producer divide, but only if people are actively participating. Our workshops are delivered in partnership with organisations who have appropriate facilities, ensuring at least one computer between two people and a mix of online time and interactive discussion around planning for strategic use of social media. We focus on how the power […]

Training workshops

We love sharing our passion. We’ve delivered training workshops to thousands of people across Australia and our course topics are as broad as the Channel Country. From grant writing to strategy, communication planning, social media, event management, writing, good governance for committees, grant writing, working with the media and project planning, we’ve got all your bases covered. All of our workshops are highly interactive, leading to boosted confidence and real outcomes for communities.  

Why Social Media Matters

What is social media? Social media includes internet and mobile technology which allows users to interact with eachother and with organisations. Kaplan and Haenlein, who’ve done a great job of classifying the different types of social media, define it as a “group of internet-based applications that build on … Web 201 and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content.” Kaplan and Haenlein classified social media as: collaborative projects (eg. Wikipedia), blogs and microblogs (eg. Twitter), content communities (eg. […]