Planning for communication: making an impact

It’s hard to plan ahead for communication, because often in the not for profit sector, our communication activities are reactive. That’s the nature of our work. But we also get stuck in funding agreements or reporting requirements or even strategic plans that set targets like: deliver 10 media releases, create a website, host a major event. The first fatal flaw in most not for profit communication is that we’re so action oriented we jump straight to talking about tools, effectively […]

Using professional grant writers

It’s hard for us to give unbiased advice to people about using professional grantwriters, because we is one.  But the challenge with using an external writer is that by the time you’ve briefed them, pulled together your supporting information, coordinated letters of support and proof-read their work, sometimes it’s easier to just write the damn thing yourself. The benefit of an external grantwriter is that (hopefully) they’ll question your responses and force you to hone your project to increase its […]

Lobbying for change

You wanna change the world To achieve political change, you need more than an idea. You need to have a clear path for how you’re going to engage people’s hearts and minds. You’re one person. One person lobbying for change does not have a very big impact. That’s why people form groups. Groups of people do have an impact: especially when they’re organised and directing their efforts appropriately. Einstein is quoted as having said that if he had one hour […]

Where to go for grants

Wombat Creative resources Free Wombat Resources – we offer a range of resources at no cost. You can also sign up to our (kind-of) monthly e-newsletter which includes information about grants and not for profit news.  Our facebook page is where we announce funding opportunities as soon as we hear about them. Government resources Australian Government Grantslink Directory, – a database of Australian Government funding programs. Always check with the funding program regarding closing dates and availability as these […]

Working with Gen-Y: the basics

What we mean by Gen-Y Generation Y is widely considered to include those people born between 1981 and 1994: now the fastest growing demographic cohort in Australia.  Gen-Y grew up with scandals and globalisation. The War on Terror. Mobile phones and websites. Their notion of family is fluid. They operate in virtual communities. Their society is one of extremely high housing costs, high debt and low unemployment. Everything is fast and convenient to Gen-Y’s and nothing is reliable except technology. […]

Running a conference? 3 things you MUST get right

I first got into event management because I’m one of those people who doesn’t learn at conferences. I just can’t. Network, yes. But learn, no. Some people can. They come away with reams and reams of notes and lots of ideas and inspiration for the year ahead. Unfortunately I’m not one of those people. So, I figured I may as well make myself useful and lend a helping hand at those events where I’d usually be sitting in the back […]

Letters of Support

If you’re submitting a grant application and you need letters of support, here’s a few things to keep in mind: if your letter of support doesn’t actually offer any support, it’s not a letter of support. It’s just a letter. Challenge your supporters to make a commitment in their letter. It doesn’t have to cost them money. For example “while we’re not in the position to support this project financially, we are looking forward to sending our team along to […]

Media secrets

Check out this great free resource from Hootville – Media secrets for community groups