Grants closing September – December

  Ansvar community education program grants, 6 September Ansvar supports sustainable programs for Australians under the age of 25, promoting ongoing education and skills making a significant difference to the lives of participants in the categories of empowerment and education or outreach and support. Grants of up to $50,000 are available. Applications close Friday 6 September and more information is available here.   Australia Council Community Partnerships, 6 September Funding is available for individuals, groups and organisations to develop community […]

Grants listing for August and September

More cool grants for you. Remember, we can help with grant-writing on a flat fee basis. Contact if you need a hand. Here’s this month’s offerings:   ANZ Seeds of Renewal Program, 12 August Grants of up to $10,000 are available for community organisations to create education and employment opportunities, with preference to regional communities. Applications close 12 August and more information is available at   Regional Achievement and Community Awards – Queensland, 23 August Several categories are […]

$207 million in grants to communities: new report

New research released last month examines for the first time how and where philanthropic funds in Australia were distributed by cause, sector and region. Where the money goes: private wealth for public good, supported by the Myer Foundation and Telstra Foundation, provides a high level analysis of 4,119 philanthropic grants made over a three year period. Key observations include: Since the Global Financial Crisis there has been a reduction in the total monetary value of grants made by foundations down […]

Crowdfunding for sustainability (or anything groovy)

  Centuries past, when a person wanted to publish a book, they needed to seek commitments from people to buy it before it went to print. People effectively coughed up the cash to show their support. And then the publisher would send it to print.   Crowdfunding works on similar principles. You have an idea and people ‘buy in’ to the idea, with cash, to help get it off the ground. Effectively sourcing funding from what is termed the ‘crowd’. […]

Grants listing for July and August 2013

There’s a bucketload of worthy grants on the horizon. Get busy folks:     Management Excellence Awards: Queensland & NT, 15 July The Australian Institute of Management hosts awards which recognise owner managers, young managers, not-for-profit managers and professional managers. Nominations close 15 July and more information is available at   Thiess Care Grants, 19 July Thiess offers charities, not for profit and community groups funding of up to $10,000 for initiatives that provide a health, environment or education […]

New Commonwealth Grant Guidelines

New Commonwealth Grant Guidelines, which began on 1 June, have come into effect. The guidelines establish the requirements and key principles that apply to all Commonwealth grants, whether one-off, low value grants or long-term, high-value activities. The guidelines provide some flexibility for Ministers and agencies to development grants administration processes, in consultation with stakeholders that are best suited and proportional to the specific granting activities. The guidelines can be downloaded at