Working with Gen-Y: the basics

What we mean by Gen-Y Generation Y is widely considered to include those people born between 1981 and 1994: now the fastest growing demographic cohort in Australia.  Gen-Y grew up with scandals and globalisation. The War on Terror. Mobile phones and websites. Their notion of family is fluid. They operate in virtual communities. Their society is one of extremely high housing costs, high debt and low unemployment. Everything is fast and convenient to Gen-Y’s and nothing is reliable except technology. […]

What young people do to engage other young volunteers

Volunteering Queensland has recently completed research into organisations led by young people.  The aim was to identify what strategies young people use to engage and work with other young volunteers.  The findings are applicable to any organisation seeking to engage gen y.  Four key findings are: 1. Develop and maintain personal connections with young volunteers: While technology is a useful tool for making your group known and accessible, make sure you emphasise personal, face-to-face interactions. Young people love to talk […]