$207 million in grants to communities: new report

New research released last month examines for the first time how and where philanthropic funds in Australia were distributed by cause, sector and region. Where the money goes: private wealth for public good, supported by the Myer Foundation and Telstra Foundation, provides a high level analysis of 4,119 philanthropic grants made over a three year period. Key observations include: Since the Global Financial Crisis there has been a reduction in the total monetary value of grants made by foundations down […]

Ethical Enterprise Award 2013

The Ethical Enterprise Award recognises and celebrates the achievements of Australia’s most inspirational enterprise – be it a for profit or not for profit entity, regardless of size, which has had a positive social or environmental and economic impact through its innovative ethical practices. An initiative of Moral Fairground, the Victorian-based social enterprise and Australian Ethical Investment, the Ethical Enterprise Award raises awareness of the importance of socially and environmentally conscious leadership and ethically orientated activities, by celebrating the positive […]

Top 7 trends 2010-2020

Social Researcher Mark McCrindle outlines 7 key trends that will define Australia towards 2010.