Planning for communication: making an impact

It’s hard to plan ahead for communication, because often in the not for profit sector, our communication activities are reactive. That’s the nature of our work. But we also get stuck in funding agreements or reporting requirements or even strategic plans that set targets like: deliver 10 media releases, create a website, host a major event.

The first fatal flaw in most not for profit communication is that we’re so action oriented we jump straight to talking about tools, effectively getting the planning process arse about face.

How often have you heard from colleagues: we really need a new corporate brochure, we should spend more time working with schools, we really need to move into digital media, our staff need video training, I think our annual report should be more glossy, we should have a stand at this conference.

WTF? Why?

Planning for communication by jumping straight to tools or methods of delivery or even audiences isn’t planning for communication. And planning for communication does not need to be complicated. Check out the simple flowchart we’ve put together to help clients hone their communication strategies.

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