Grants listing for August and September

More cool grants for you. Remember, we can help with grant-writing on a flat fee basis. Contact if you need a hand. Here’s this month’s offerings:


ANZ Seeds of Renewal Program, 12 August

Grants of up to $10,000 are available for community organisations to create education and employment opportunities, with preference to regional communities. Applications close 12 August and more information is available at


Regional Achievement and Community Awards – Queensland, 23 August

Several categories are open to nominations for these regional and community awards – including community of the year, environment, regional service, energy and sustainability, events and tourism and youth leadership. Nominations close 23 August and more information is available at


Youth Development and Support Program, 23 August

$500,000 is available for initiatives that inspire and encourage young people to engage with government and their community, and help them develop skills and connections within their communities. This year, the Program will focus on the theme ‘Building a safe and supportive culture’. Applications should demonstrate how the Projects will develop Young People’s skills to engage in positive non-violent/non-bullying behaviours in their community. Applications close Friday 23 August and more information is available at


Gambling Community Benefit Fund, 31 August

Funding all manner of projects and items for broader community benefit. This fund, and its mates the Casino Communty Benefit Funds all close 31 August with varying criteria and geographical focus – although Gambling Fund is statewide. More info at


Bjarne K Dahl Trust, 1 September

Up to $15,000 is available for the protection and enhancement of eucalypts through promotion, cultivation, establishment and conservation. Applications close 1 September and more information is available at


Festivals Australia Funding, 6 September

Festivals funding through the Australia Council supports regional, remote and community festivals to present quality art projects. Applications close 6 September and more information is at


Layne Beachley and Aim for the Stars, 15 November

This Foundation, is inviting all Australian females aged 12 – 26 years who need funding to achieve goals in their sporting, academic, community, business, environmental or cultural pursuits to apply for support. Applications close 15 November and more information is available at:

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