Grants: closing this week (Aug 2013)

Media Peace Awards, UNAA, 30 August

Journalists and producers whose work has appeared in the Australian media between 2 September 2012 and 30 August 2013 are encouraged to nominate. The award recognises those whose work highlights and champions human rights and social justice issues. Applications close 30 August. More information at


QLD: Community road safety grants, 30 august

Community groups and local governments in Queensland are eligible to apply for funding that delivers road safety solutions in communities, with an evidence-based approach and strong community partnerships. Applications close 30 August with a second round opening in February 2014. More information at


Canon environmental grant, 30 august

Grants in-kind worth $45,000 are available to Australian and NZ organisations making a positive impact on their environment and community. Applications close 30 August. More information at


Cass foundation travel grants, 30 august

Travel grants for early career post-doctoral researchers. Closes 30 August. More information at


National multicultural marketing award, 30 august

This award acknowledges the contribution of national businesses, public sector and community organisations and includes advertising, commercial business, community, export, government and technical categories. Nominations close 30 August. More information at


LINC grants, 31 august

Lesbians and lesbian friendly organisations may apply for grants up to $1000 at any time. In 2013, with a deadline of 31 August, Lesbians Incorporated will fund one large grant of up to $10,000 and one large grant of up to $5,000. Large grant recipients are announced on 8 October 2013, International Lesbian Day. More information at

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