Coordinating Wildlife Queensland’s 50th anniversary celebrations

Wildlife Queensland is a genuine grassroots group, with a long and powerful history. We were honoured to be chosen as the consultant to help them plan for and manage their 50th anniversary celebrations throughout 2012. With a tiny budget, but lots of ideas, we worked with their staff, volunteers and board to plan long in advance of the anniversary.

We edited their 50th anniversary publication, coordinated a launch by the Governor of Queensland and brought together 200 of Queensland’s most passionate wildlife workers and researchers for a celebratory forum and dinner. We coordinated sponsorship, managed programming, arranged media, documented outcomes, coordinated reporting, managed committees and had lots of fun along the way. We wish we lived in a world that didn’t need organisations like Wildlife Queensland. And we genuinely hope the next 50 years brings more wildlife wins and worries.

If you’re planning similar celebrations and need a hand to get your thoughts together, find partners and deliver a meaningful event, you probably want to talk to us.